July Home Maintenance Checklist

Here are few reminders to help with the upkeep of your home.

- Rain Rain Go Away - Earth and mulch around foundations should be graded so that water flows freely away from the foundation to reduce the potential for water in the basement.

- Fertilize - Its time to put Scotts Summer Fertilizer on your lawn.

- Save energy - vacuum under and behind the refrigerator at the coils to make it run more efficiently.

- Caulk your exterior trim - If you see any cracks in your trim or siding, make sure to caulk and paint it. You do not want the wood to rot.

- Clean your vents - Dryer vents, return air vents, duct work vents.

-Seal air leaks - Keep the hot summer air out of your home and the cooled air in. Seal ductwork and insulate the ducts in areas such as the attic, unfinished basement and garage. Make sure that vents and registers that meet floors, walls and ceilings in your home are well sealed.

- Replace your HVAC filter - Don't forget to be changing your filter once a month.