Opportunities Are All Around Us

I couldn't wait to own my first investment property. As a senior in college, I read all the books and was determined to buy investments properties one day.   That day came at the height of the market in 2007 and I did everything wrong.  I borrowed money to buy a property that was not cash flowing and supposedly had 30k in equity built in.  We know the rest of the story, the market crashed and I had to short sale that home and lost over 40k.

In 2011, I started helping homeowners like myself short sale their home and not have to pay the bank back anything, just like I had done.  It was so awesome to see them have the same relief I had when it was all done.  We now have helped over 150 families short sale with 100% success. I like those odds. During that time, we also helped countless investors buy these properties at ridiculous prices.  I was kicking myself that I messed up years earlier and had to wait to buy again.

Today is great day!  I am buying my first investment property the correct way this time and its cash flowing $350 a month from day one. We call this my daughters college fund in 15 years. We continue to help many first time investors buy homes, rent them out and in essence use that property as a retirement savings or kids college fund.

If you are thinking about investing call me today at 571-477-1245 or email me at natejohnson@1245team.com We have more great properties like the one I bought that are hastle free and sound investments.

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