Professionally Staged & Photographed

Professionally Staged & Photographed

Below are pictures done by our Professional stager and photographer.

Homes that are professionally staged and photographed statistically sell faster and for more money than those that are not.  Our stager will come in and give you feedback on what you need to do, before we go on the market. These things are imperative for you to do, so that we can increase our online traffic views and then get them to come see the property in person. Once these are completed, our stager will come back in and use what you have and bring items to showcase your home in the best possible way. After this is done, our professional photographer will come in and take amazing pictures of your home. Buyers are looking online for homes and they want tons of pictures.  Professional Staging & Photographing is our first impression and sometimes only chance to WOW a buyer and get them to get offline and come see the home.

Look at the data Redfin conducted on pictures taken with a regular camera vs. a DSLR camera.

A few more interesting tidbits that came from our analyses:

Homes shot with a DSLR camera:
  • Receive an average of 61% more views than their peers across all price tiers.
  • Have a 47% higher asking price per square foot.
  • Have an increased likelihood of selling for homes priced above $300,000.
  • Stay on the market an average of 10 days longer across all price tiers.

Real estate agents like great-looking homes because they are easier to sell. Why is that important?

  • An agent’s job is to please their clients, and they will direct their buyers to the homes they think they will buy.
  • Agents talk to other agents who are also directing their buyers to the best homes on the market. An attractive listing will be shown more often, meaning more market exposure—critical for a quick and profitable house sale.
  • Staging is non-negotiable in many parts of the country. Staging a listing for sale in an area where the concept hasn’t caught on can give you an advantage, particularly if there are many unsold listings similar to yours on the market. Buyers gravitate to listings that look good and are in move-in condition.
  • Buyers are looking for value. When prices are flat or on the decline, buyers need to perceive that the house is worth the price.
Bottom line: staging is more than an exercise in tasteful interior design. It is a business decision that can have a huge impact on your financial return and timeline.

If you do not use a professional photographer your home could look like this below. These are all actual photos that were listed in the MRIS.